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Giving Herefordshire confidence in our local businesses and professional services, with the Rated standards and Happy Outcome Promise. Add credibility, build trust, and attract new opportunities.

The Rated standards build trust in Herefordshire’s businesses and services. Add credibility, assure customers, and attract new opportunities.

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Being Rated Matters

Trust and credibility are more important than ever, especially for businesses operating online. The Kidwells Rated standard is here to give Herefordshire’s locals and tourists confidence in our local businesses and professional services.

Apply to get Rated and show your clients and customers you adhere to a high standard. And in return, we’ll support your business with our Happy Outcome Promise to help cut complaints, protect your reputation, quickly reach agreements, and avoid expensive mediation or legal battles.

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How Rated Works

Your business will be checked against criteria focused on best business practice and customer care. On passing this criteria, you’ll have to promise to adhere to the Rated standards.

The Rated standards are transparent and provide your customers and clients with the assurance that you follow best business practices and have their interests in mind. And should anything go wrong, we’re here to help resolve complaints.

The Happy Outcome Promise is a service Kidwells Rated provides Rated firms. As a third-party, our team will help you and your client/customer solve complaints. We will help your customers & clients raise any complaint with you until they get a response. 

The aim will always be to find a resolution without formal mediation or legal services required.

Your business saves time & money. Your clients and customers get peace of mind that problems will be dealt with professionally, quickly, and fairly. 

Protect your online (and offline) reputation. The Happy Outcome Promise will help reduce negative reviews. But if someone does share negative feedback online, the Rated standard is a tool you can use to respond effectively and even turn that unhappy client into a happy one.

Kidwells Rated businesses and professionals benefit from promotion across the Kidwells Rated brands, including Kidwells Rated and What’s In Hereford.

Find Herefordshire businesses who are dedicated to great service and customer satisfaction. The Rated standard means businesses and professionals are dedicated to trustworthy practices and are vetted.

Get Rated

Get all the benefits of committing to the Rated standard, for a low fixed annual cost. Cut complaints, protect your reputation, quickly reach agreements, and avoid expensive mediation or legal battles.

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John J.
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Smith T.
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At the heart of each Kidwells company is the goal to boost Herefordshire, its businesses, and the quality of life for the people who live, work, and visit.

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Kidwells Rated is owned by Managing Director Alan Michael Kidwell-Horne, commonly known as Michael Horne, Solicitor. The Kidwells group of companies offer support for every stage of business and even for personal and family matters. Kidwells businesses operate independently, with no referral fees and no referrals of data without consent or legitimate interest. We always encourage you to seek independent financial advice and independent legal advice before choosing any products or services with us.