Over half of the world’s population are using social media and if you are not taking advantage of this with digital marketing, you’re missing out on an inexpensive and effective way to market your business.

Social media can help your business to:   

  • Make your business visible and attract customers; 
  • increase your market reach;
  • increase traffic to your website;  
  • increase revenue by building customer networks and advertising;  
  • develop your brand;  
  • reduce marketing costs; 
  • Receive customer feedback to improve the way you do business; 
  • recruit skilled staff ie. through job networking sites like LinkedIn.  
social media

1. Make your business visible

Social media is a platform to display the personality of your business. You can do so by sharing what goes on in the workplace and with employees and more. When you show the people behind the business in this way, it makes it easier for consumers to feel they already know you and develop a connection and loyalty. 

2. Grow Your Reach

A huge benefit of using social media is that it enables you to quickly extend your reach to a much wider audience.  

It is essential that you are consistent with your social media strategy. Having a proper posting schedule, engaging with your audience through likes, shares, and comments and using relevant hashtags will all help to increase your visibility. People will start recognising and trusting you. 

3. Helps Attract Traffic to Your Website

You need visitors to your website to improve its search engine ranking and no-one will visit your website without knowing about it. Using social media lets you reach thousands of people quickly and easily. The creation of regular content for your site is essential so you can then share with relevant hashtags increasing your reach. If people like your content, they will hopefully read and share it with their contacts.  

social media

4. Increase revenue by building customer networks and advertising  

Traditional hard sell methods such as cold calling are obviously sales-oriented. If people are not interested or feel pressured, they won’t buy from you. They might stall you but never follow through.  
Using social media to sell fosters relationships. When someone feels they have a relationship with you it gives them a sense of familiarity and over time, it encourages them to buy from you over somebody else. 

5. Develop your brand  

A brand isn’t just a logo and set of colours. It’s built by taking a consistent approach across every social media platform so that consumers have an understanding of what to expect with your brand. 

Using social media allows you to build a relationship with someone before they know they need you. By the time the customer realises they have a problem, you have a connection with them. 

6. Reduce marketing costs

Only 5 – 10 years ago marketing used to be focused on print media, broadcast advertising, newsletters and flyers. Social media means that businesses now have another way to connect with consumers.  

Social media campaigns are not only economical to implement and track, but they can also aid in reducing overall marketing spending as well. Businesses using social media such as Facebook can target exactly who they need to based on audience demographics. 

7. Use customer feedback to improve the way you do business

No matter what your industry is and who you are marketing and selling to, the focus must always be on the customer. Nowadays people are more than willing to give you feedback through social media channels as it is not only quick and easy, but they could well have checked reviews themselves before contacting your business. 

The product or service being sold should be one of excellent quality and trustworthiness but there are always going to be unhappy customers, too. The negative feedback is useful so that you are aware of any problems and can act on the negative to improve. 

8. Recruit skilled staff

Today, practically every candidate you could consider for any position within your business is on social media. Wherever you look, you see social networks serving as incredible platforms for identifying and recruiting talented individuals to work for you.  

Social recruiting is effective, not just in finding you the ideal candidate, but also in increasing the visibility of your company. By advertising new positions on social media, you strengthen your brand and create a level of trust among potential employees. 

On LinkedIn for instance, you can try to share the job postings in certain industry-specific LinkedIn groups. There are thousands of groups for professionals in practically every industry you can imagine. 

Getting the Most Out of Social Media

Social media can help achieve any business goals, but it’s important to use each network in ways that will help your brand succeed. 

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